Two Reasons to Consider Financing a Car Purchase Through a Company Like Consumer Portfolio Services

Financing the purchase of a car or truck does not need to require applying for a loan at a bank. There are other sources of financing that quite often make more sense, especially for those with less-than-perfect credit histories.

Companies like Consumer Portfolio Services, for instance, cooperate with dealers all around the country to enable financing on the spot. Obtaining a loan at the point of purchase can easily be the best option for a car buyer, for a variety of reasons.

The Perfect Way for Many Car Shoppers to Finance Their Purchases

Many car buyers come prepared with loan approvals that provide them with a certain amount of leverage when shopping. On the other hand, millions of people who need access to reliable transportation have credit scores such that this will not normally be an option.

In the past, it might have been quite difficult to qualify for any type of financing at all as someone with a credit report that featured some blemishes. That is no longer the case, with indirect lenders having developed solutions to this longstanding problem.

Many people who would not qualify for traditional automotive loans discover that dealer-arranged alternatives work very well for them. Some of the benefits that most often come with this type of borrowing concern important issues like:

  • Accessibility. Not being able obtain financing for the purchase of a car or truck can give rise to some serious problems. Buying an older vehicle outright for cash will often raise concerns about its likely reliability. Late-model vehicles with few miles on them, though, tend to cost more than most can put down at once. Obtaining financing from a dealer who is backed by an indirect lender is always a lot easier than qualifying for a conventional loan.
  • Service. Many people find financial matters complicated and confusing. Working with a dealer who has an interest in seeing a buyer succeed will make things simpler, in many cases. Secondary lenders also strive to do a good job of helping borrowers keep up with their obligations.

The Answer Many Have Been Waiting For

Advantages like these and others make dealer-arranged loans perfect for many car buyers today. Even people who cannot obtain other types of financing frequently find that indirect lenders suit their needs very well.